Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of pests does Cincinnati Pest Services LLC (CPS) treat?  CPS treats general household pests such as roaches, fleas, bed bugs, flies, and more.  We do not treat or evaluate termites or the damage caused by termites.  Depending on the nature of the insect and location the infestation CPS may be unable to treat a problem.  If CPS cannot provide service in a particular situation CPS will not charge the customer for the initial consultation fee.

Does CPS Offer Any Sort Of Guarantee For Treatment?  Unfortunately CPS cannot guarantee treatment since insects have been around for a long time and have mastered the art of sneaking into homes, therefore it would be impossible to guarantee the complete elimination of insects from any home.  Even if all insects in a home could be completely eliminated (which they usually cannot) the instant a door or window is opened, someone walks in with insects on their clothing or on something they bought from the store the insects are back in the home again.  CPS cannot control what goes in and comes out of a home and therefore would be impossible to guarantee complete elimination.

What CPS does offer is a guarantee of professional and honest service.  CPS understands insects can be frustrating and maybe even scary but will perform our best efforts to get the pest situation under control.  CPS works with the owners or residents and guides them towards the best methods for making sure insects have few reasons to hang out around where people live.

Does CPS charges for estimates?

CPS does not provide estimates but instead provides an initial consultation for which a payment of $25.00 is required prior to appointment.  Pest control in individual homes is not a matter of spraying chemicals and hoping the problem will go away.  Instead CPS must evaluate the home and its current setting in order to determine the cause of the insect infestation.  CPS then will develop a plan that the owner will need to agree to implement since a majority of pest control situations require certain steps to be taken by the homeowner. Matters such as trash containment, clean up of clutter, storage of food can mean the difference between a short term fix of pests being gone for a few days versus very little pest activity over the long term.

If CPS determines they cannot treat a particular situation due to lack of equipment no fee will be charged.  Also the $25.00 fee will be credited towards any future treatment if needed.  Commercial properties and multi-family buildings can be treated on a per treatment or long term contract basis depending on the needs of the business.

What forms of payment does CPS take?

CPS takes credit cards, cash or business checks only.